Savage Tides

Siege of the Spider Eaters

In which our party meets for the first time...

It was an abrupt beginning.

The swashbuckler, Lux Half-Elven found herself viciously assaulted by a crazed dwarf after the ship she was on crashed on the dwarven shores. She was hauled off and thrown into a prison to await execution for trespassing.

The rogue, Harkaz Ulrickson was also incarcerated in the prison. A lifetime of thievery had finally caught up to him. Luckily, a friend from his past (Nibar Ironfist) was not only in need of a Dwarf that was expendable, but he was also in the position to keep Harkaz from the headsman’s block.

Nibar proposed that Harkaz, with the assistance of Lux, descend into a recently found tunnel to determine why many of the local dwarven families had gone missing. There were rumors of giant spiders, and two of his own men had not returned from exploring the tunnel. In return for completion of this task, Nibar offered to commute their death sentence to one of exile. Nibar also offered the services of a construct, Ironweaver, to assist in the exploration of the tunnels.

Together, the party determined that the tunnels were the lair of a group of Arana, a shape shifting race that had been living among the dwarves for hundreds of years. The Arana’s natural form was that of a giant spider, and when they had been spotted, Nibar and his men had released Spider-Eaters into their lair. The Spider-Eaters had slaughtered most of the Arana. Harkaz, with the natural revulsion of abominations that the dwarves possess, slaughtered the Arana that had escaped the Spider-Eaters.

With their task complete, our party was given passage with Captain Burl of the ship Kraken’s Wake


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