Character Death


It happens. Adventuring is a high-risk enterprise. Characters in the campaign will die, sometimes because they were reckless and sometimes because luck was against them. Fortunately, Dungeons and Dragons is a game, and death doesn’t have to be the end.

Raise dead, reincarnation, resurrection, and true resurrection can return characters to life as well as wish.

Making New Characters

There will be times when you may want to make a new character, aside from the obvious above. When a new player joins the group is another no-brainer. Yet there are a number of other reasons to make a new character, too many to discuss here. However, for the sake of game balance and continuity here are the basic rules.

* New characters replacing similar old characters will simply assume the equipment and wealth of the character they are replacing.
* If the new character is not like the old one then it is assumed that the old characters equipment is either distributed among the party or disposed of according to the old characters last wish.
* The new character gets the full amount of starting money.
* New characters will start at the minimum experience needed to meet average party level. For example the average party level is 4.6 the new character will be 4th level.
* Starting money will be according to .
* All new characters must be from Sasserine or its immediate surroundings


Character Death

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