House Rules


Critical Hits:
Natural rolls in the weapons critical threat range result in maximum damage for that weapon.
For example, a falchion’s critical threat range is 18-20. A natural roll of 18 or 19 will automatically do maximum weapon damage.

Natural 20 always results in the maximum damage including critical multiplier.

Spell Casting
Zero (0) level spells may be cast an unlimited number of times per day

Action Points
A character can spend an action point to gain an additional standard action once per encounter. A character starts with one action point. To regain an action point a character must reach a milestone (2 encounters) or take an extended rest.

Healing Surge
All character will have a number of healing surges equal to their hit die plus CON modifier.
For example a rogue (hit die d6) with a +3 CON mod will have 9 healing surges
A healing surge will heal 1/4 of the character’s max HP (rounded down). As a standard action, a character can use a Second Wind once during an encounter to recover a healing surge worth of HP. Outside of an encounter, as many healing surges as necessary may be used. Healing Surges are recovered after an extended rest.

Underwater Combat
•All nonpiercing melee weapons and all ranged weapons except crossbows take a –2 penalty on attack rolls and -5 on damage rolls.
• As a move action, make a Swim check and move up to the check’s result in feet.
• Currents move you at the end of your turn. Moving against a current is at half speed.

House Rules

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