Savage Tides

Escape from Meenlock Prison

In which our party rescues a bunch of felons...

While on board the Kraken’s Wake, the party was awoken by the screams of the crew. A Scragg had boarded the ship and was gleefully chucking crew members overboard. The party engaged the monster and was joined by Iridansa, a sea elf that had tracked the monster through the Sargasso. After a short battle in which Ironweaver was nearly deactivated and the ship set on fire by an overzealous crew member, the party vanquished the creature.

Due to the repairs required, the ship’s captain requested the help of our heroes. They were to go to a nearby winery that had been converted into a prison to procure several bottles of a rare and expensive vintage as well as secure the release of two prisoners.

Unbeknownst to the party, a group of prisoners had overpowered and killed the guards and locked the warden away. They were in the midst of fleecing a wine merchant when the party arrived requesting the release of two prisoners. Rook, the leader of the prisoners, was more than accommodating, allowing the party to descend into the prison themselves.

While in the prison, out heroes encountered several mentally unstable prisoners and continually heard a mantra repeated in their minds. “What you are, we once were. What we are, you shall become.” That, in addition to several creepy illusions, ensured that the party took their time and searched the prison thoroughly. They eventually found the warden in the midst of being transformed into a Meenlock. In their attempt to rescue him they encountered and defeated the Meenlocks that had killed several of the prisoners.

The group found a tunnel that led them to exterior of the chateau where they fought and killed Rook and his men. Successful in their quest, the heroes freed the remaining prisoners and headed back to the ship.

The session ended with the party’s debarkation in the port city of Sasserine.


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